WORLD ON FIRE: SPC. JOHN FLYNN’S WAR IN IRAQ is the intimate portrait of one young American’s experience at war. The son of a career Navy man, John enlisted in the Army the day after 9/11. John trained as a sniper, and in February 2004 was deployed to Iraq. In one year in Iraq, he and his platoon went on more than 620 combat missions. WORLD ON FIRE takes you there and back.


Everybody knows what they were doing on September 11th. I was headed to work. I didn’t have a radio in my truck, so I didn’t know what the hell was going on, and I pulled into the job site – I was working landscaping and my boss said something like, you know, America’s under attack, or something like that.

Common reaction, probably for a lot of people – what the hell you talking about – maybe disbelief – and so I listened though and you, you know, I heard what everybody else heard that day. We quickly decided not to work and headed back to his place and sat in front of the TV and watched the Towers come down time and time again.

Eventually walked outside and I remember just sitting there – it was a nice day – I remember sitting on one of the trailers – one of the equipment trailers, you know, making up in my mind right then that I had to go, had to join the military. And so I called the recruiter the next night and told him we needed to set up a meeting!



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